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Lifelong Learning Programme, Comenius Multilateral School Partnership, Project CoSSOL.

Based on the 8 key competences for lifelong learning, the aim of our project is to set out and identify educational approaches, methods and concepts which support the development, as a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the different contexts.
These competences are tools for empowering the individuals and giving them the motivation, autonomy and responsibility to control their own lives beyond the social circumstances in which they find themselves. We aim to explore how Key Competences can be promoted by developing learning materials and to develop an education and learning programme  as a “project for life under construction”.
We want to cover some of the Key competences that are most appropriate for our project and that fits the best our project, with the expectations/outcomes needed for/by the partners.
Every partner in the project will be responsible for one of the eight key competences and will be responsible for the workshop that is presented during the project meetings. As we are a big group, combinations of partners will be made who work on the same Key Competences.

 a) Challenges to be addressed:
• Engendering and sustaining a cross-curricular approach;
• Moving from a subject-based to a multidisciplinary approach, consonant with the needs of individual learners and society as a whole.

b) How:
• Due to the fundamental change in learning processes from an output-oriented to a process-oriented planning and evaluation in educational settings in recent years, and as Learning Management Systems (e.g. Moodle) have become more and more important to support students in co-operating and collaborative working, we will use this platform. At the same time we will use the new tool: web 2.0, that makes us possible to promote a collaborative work at distance.

COMENIUS Multilateral Project

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