VI- Oliveira do Bairro, 30th May – 3rd June 2012

V- Palu/Elazig, Turkey, 7th – 11th March 2012

 Work in Progress – Module 5 & 6:

 IV- Moers, Germany, 7th – 11th December 2011

Work in Progress – Module 4:

Key Competence 5. Learning to learn

Key Competence 6. Interpersonal, Intercultural Social and Civic Competences

Key Competence 6: pamphlet

Finland, Turkey and Bulgaria are the countries responsible for the work in progress.

III- Perigord, France, 11th – 16th May 2011

Key Competence 3 – Mathematical literacy and basic competences in science and technology;

Activity 1: Working Science Together: An integrated activity of Key Competence 3 and 4

Activity 2: Domino mathematical literacy and basic competences in science and technology

Activity 3: Playing cards to find the right seat…

Activity 4: Think a number…algebraic language and calculation through problem solving.

Key Competence 4 – Digital competence

France, Latvia and The Netherlands are the countries responsible for the work in progress. All countries will present an activity connected with the 2 key competences.

II- Rybnyk; Poland, 16 – 20th February 2011

Activity 1: Questionnaire.

Activity 2: Questionnaire: Results

Communication in mother tongue

Activity 1: Drama activity

Communication in foreign languages

Activity 1: Spoken Production

Activity 2: Speaking: ice-breaking activities

Portugal, Poland and The Netherlands are the countries responsible for the work in progress.

I- Crotone, Italy,  9th – 14th November 2010

Definition of the Concept of COMPETENCE/COMPETENCY by The Netherlands and Italy

1)  Competency Based Learning (PowerPoint Format)

2)  Competency Based Learning (Slideshare format)

3)  European citizenship: Core Task: Mise en Place